• Andre Sorensen and Paul Hess with map
  • "Greater Toronto Area, Land Use and Urban Form, 2010" Andre Sorensen (L), Paul Hess

News & Events

November 21
Environmental Justice: David Miller & Ingrid Stefanovic - Presented by Cities Centre Justice in Toronto series, CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO
November 13
And Then What Happened? Trickster Pedagogy and Practice - Chris Cavanagh, Co-founder of the Catalyst Centre
November 06
Accelerating the Adoption of Cycling for Transportation in Toronto - Tools to Get More People onto Bikes, with Cities Centre Research Associate Beth Savan
October 24
What is Urban Justice? Barbara Hall & Frank Cunningham - Presented by Cities Centre Justice in Toronto series, click here for more information and to register
October 24
Healthier Cities & Communities Full Day Symposium - Details TBA
October 23
Healthier Cities & Communities Symposium - Evening Kickoff with keynote speaker Trevor Hancock, a well-known scholar and advocate on healthier cities.
October 17
Socio-Spatial Inequality in Toronto: What's Racism Got to Do With It? - Presented by the Neighbourhood Change Research Partnership at Innis Town Hall, register now
October 04
The Arcades of Paris and Walter Benjamin's Philosophy of Cities - Cities Centre Senior Advisor Prof. Frank Cunningham speaks at York University
June 19
Abundant Access: Public Transit as an Instrument of Freedom with Jarrett Walker - Click here to get link to video
May 09
Book Launch: Producing and Negotiating Non-Citizenship: Precarious Legal Status in Canada, edited by Luin Goldring and Patricia Landolt - Presented by UTP, York University & University of Toronto Scarborough. Please RSVP to University of Toronto Press at creed@utpress.utoronto.ca by Monday, May 6.
April 30
Lessons From Abroad 30April13 - 6:30pm
April 25
Closing the Gaps: Toronto’s 13 Priority Neighbourhoods - Presented by United Way Toronto & Cities Centre, RSVP to cityevent@uwgt.org
April 16
Sweden: Low-carbon Neighbourhood Design - Eric Freudenthal. RSVP: tower@toronto.ca.
March 26
Citizen Engagement: What Do We Know? - 6:30pm
March 22
Talking About Cities: An Undergraduate Conference - Call for Abstracts closes Jan 18
March 06
No Future No Fear: The Acampada Movement & the Defence of the Spanish Public Health -
February 27
Toronto’s Alphabet Soup: Agencies, Boards, Committees & Commissions (ABCCs) - 6:30pm
January 31
Neighbourhood Associations, Governance in Toronto series - 6:30pm
January 30
Aboriginal Head Start Program - Collaborative Program in Community Development Seminar Series
January 01
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December 11
Tower Renewal Updates from Toronto & Melbourne - 5:30 pm
November 29
When Citizens Organize Their Own Participatory Processes - 6:30pm
November 29
The Impact of Precarious Legal Status on Immigrants' Economic Outcomes - 12-2pm
November 27
Being in the Public Service: Then and Now 27Nov12 - 6:30pm
November 09
Deliberative Democracy and Urban Design - 12noon Hoi Kong, Faculty of Law, McGill University
October 29
Being a Councillor in Toronto 29Oct12 - Speakers Mike Layton and Andrew Sancton, Governance in Toronto Lecture Series
September 27
Being Mayor in Toronto 27Sept12 - Speakers Barbara Hall and Sylvia Bashevkin, Governance in Toronto Lecture Series
July 15
July 15-20 IATBR 2012 - Cities Centre hosts the Conference of the International Association for Travel Behavior Research at the Fairmont Royal York Hotel.
July 04
Addressing Urban Injustice - The Growing Gap & What to Do About It PUBLIC FORUM David Ley, Damaris Rose, Janet L. Smith, Maarten van Ham, Ken Greenberg, Armine Yalnizyan
June 14
U of T Sustainability Symposium: Visioning Workshop - U of T Sustainability Symposium presented by Cities Centre and Sustainability Office
June 13
U of T Sustainability Symposium: Evening Lecture - U of T Sustainability Symposium presented by Cities Centre and Sustainability Office
May 28
2012 Public Transit Planning and ITS Short Courses - Two intensive short courses with experts Bill Dawson, Ken Greenberg, Brendon Hemily, Eric Miller, Amer Shalaby, and Mohamed Wahba
May 12
Build Your Ideal City - Build Your Ideal City, Science Rendezvous, Martin Prosperity Institute and Cities Centre
April 17
Toronto in Question: Exploring the Answers - Final event of Toronto in Question lecture series - speakers Alan Broadbent, Tanzeel Merchant, moderator Shauna Brail
March 27
Who Needs Arts and Culture in Toronto? - Toronto in Question Lecture Series, speakers John Ralston Saul and Mark Kingwell, moderator Shauna Brail
March 16
Neighbourhood “Needs Portals” A Potential Child Welfare Intervention for Reducing Disparities through Formalizing Informal Support - Bridget Freisthler, , Dept. of Social Welfare, UCLA
March 08
Urban Renaissance Policies and the High Rise Transformation of Central Tokyo - Urban Renaissance Policies and the High Rise Transformation of Central Tokyo
February 28
Who Governs? City Hall and Citizen Participation - Toronto in Question Lecture Series, speakers Adam Vaughan and Richard Stren
February 27
Alternative Social Planning: Community Development for Racialized Communities in Toronto - Karen Sun, John Bousfield Visitor in Planning, University of Toronto
February 24
Rethinking Urbanity in a Time of Crisis: A Comparative View of City-ness in Africa and America's Midwest - Rethinking Urbanity in a Time of Crisis: A Comparative View of City-ness in Africa and America's Midwest
February 22
Populating the New Transit Corridors Feb 22 - Jim Bailey, Senior Planner, City of Vancouver; Ron Kellett, Professor of Architecture and Landscape Architecture, UBC
February 10
How to Detect Regional Structures of Innovation - How to Detect Regional Structures of Innovation
February 08
Mind The Gap - Inequality in Toronto and What to Do About It - Exhibit at UrbanSpace Gallery
January 25
Innovative Methods in Community Development - Guest speakers Michael Prosserman, Unity Charity; Margo Charlton, Toronto Arts Foundation; and Meredith Hayes, FoodShare Toronto
January 24
Whose City? Gentrification, Inequality and the Future of Toronto - Toronto In Question Lecture Series featuring David Miller and David Hulchanski, with guest moderator Richard Sommer
January 18
Overcoming the Green Premium - Building a Model Sustainable Community - with Gordon Harris, President and CEO of the Simon Fraser University Community Trust
December 08
Innovation in City Building: Is Toronto Still Leading the Way? - CUI, Cities Centre & NRU present an annual conversation with Toronto’s Chief Planner, Gary Wright.
November 29
City Building: Beyond the Concrete - Ken Greenberg, Larry Bourne - Toronto in Question Lecture Series
November 10
Toronto Talks Mobility Symposium - Artscape Wychwood Barns
November 09
Toronto Talks Mobility - Public Forum - Toronto City Hall Council Chambers
November 09
What's Academia Got To Do With It? Looking for Community-Scholarly Balance in Co-developing Community-driven Research - Vanessa Parlette
November 08
Staying the Course - What Have Planners Learned About Implementation? CUI, AOLE
November 04
Urban Design Comes to Toronto, 1966-1972 - Cities Centre features historian Dr. Richard White in a new "Lunch and Learn" series
October 25
Moving People: Responses to Congestion - Toronto in Question Lecture Series
October 04
Is Toronto Broke? Making sense of the numbers: Municipal finance in Toronto - The inaugural lecture of the Toronto in Question series of lectures presented by Cities Centre, University of Toronto.
October 03
Cities Grow Ontario Forum UTSC - What influences voters in the inner suburbs? The 2010/2011 elections and voting trends in the inner suburbs
September 29
Orientation Meeting - For enrolled students of the Graduate Collaborative Program in Community Development.
September 22
Cities Grow Ontario: Toward a GREATER Greater Golden Horseshoe -
September 15
Jane Jacobs' Toronto - Join the Centre for City Ecology and four of Toronto's past Mayors for their reflections on the impact of Jane Jacobs on our city.
September 15
Resilient Infrastructure by Design - Register early for this forum featuring four excellent speakers representing current thinking and best practice at the national, regional and local levels
September 15
PRESS CONFERENCE - Re Toronto Waterfront. With Paul Bedford (former Chief Planner for Toronto), Richard Florida (Martin Prosperity Institute), and Richard Sommer (Dean, U. of T. Faculty of Architecture), and others.
July 19
Green Infrastructure: The Effects of Urban Rail Transit on Air Quality - The transportation sector is a major source of air pollution worldwide, yet little is known about the effects of transportation infrastructure on air quality.
June 16
Inner Suburbs at Stake: Investing in Scarborough's Communities - Learn from a panel discussion about urban change. The report, “Toronto’s inner suburbs: Investing in social infrastructure in Scarborough,” by Deborah Cowen and Vanessa Parlette, will be released.
June 16
Book Launch - A celebration of recent publications by Cities Centre Associates
June 15
Workshop on Recent Advances in Transit Research and Practice - Please RSVP here
June 14
2011 Public Transit Planning and ITS Short Course - An intensive two-day course with experts Amer Shalaby, Eric Miller and Brendon Hemily
June 13
2011 Public Transit Planning and ITS Short Course - An intensive two-day course with experts Amer Shalaby, Eric Miller and Brendon Hemily
May 21
3 Cities Forum - Tale of Three Cities with guest speakers J. David Hulchanski and Grace-Edward Galabuzi
May 12
Toronto The Good - The ultimate urban gathering of Torontonians who are interested in the City and in city building. RSVP: torontothegood@era.on.ca
May 12
Tower Neighbourhood Renewal Symposium - The second Tower Neighbourhood Renewal symposium is being held in conjunction with Toronto the Good
May 10
Funding the Cost of Municipal Services - Who Pays? - The goal of developing “complete communities” is a worthy one, but urgent questions are emerging about how best to handle the cost of growth ...
April 28
Complete Streets Forum -
April 14
Who Cares About 15 Million Voters? - Presented by Cities Centre, Innis College Urban Studies Program, Martin Prosperity Institute, and School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Toronto, and Canadian Urban Institute. Read Report / RSVP here
March 25
Cities Mixes and Fixes Interdisciplinary Workshop: Complete Streets -
March 02
Jody Macdonald, Women's Community Development at the United Nations in New York -
March 02
The OMB: Affront to Democracy or Essential to Maintaining Community Balance? -
February 16
Organizing to Win -
February 08
Prelude to Collaboration -
February 07
The Forms and Dynamics of Anti-Poverty Activism in Toronto -
January 18
Jon Udell, Microsoft -
January 13
Community University Research Partnerships: Who does what, and why? -
January 06
Neighbourhood Renewal - Can We Repair the Great Divide? -
December 09
Toronto Today, Toronto Tomorrow - An Annual Conversation with Toronto's Chief Planner -
December 03
Community-Based Research & Community Development: Who does what, and why? - With Sarah Wakefield & Carla Klassen. Sponsored by Cities Centre, Community Development Collaborative Program, and & the Factor-Inwentash Faculty of Social Work’s Chow Yei Ching Chair in Housing.
November 10
How Well Do You Know Your City? Who Decides What You Know? -
November 06
The Other Home Show -
October 27
Cooperatives in Canada -
October 06
Beyond the Ballot Box: Civic Engagement-From Buzz Word to Meaningful Process -
September 16
Producing and Negotiating Precarious Migratory Status in Canada -
September 15
Mayoral Debate at Innis Town Hall - Mayoral candidates in the Toronto municipal election continue the debate tradition at Innis Town Hall.
September 09
On The Outside Looking In? - Cities Centre co-sponsors this Breakfast Roundtable of the Canadian Urban Institute's Election Issues Series: On the Outside Looking In? The Many Mysteries of Governance in the City of Toronto. Moderator Art Eggleton, Senator and former Mayor of Toronto, with speakers Richard Stren, Cities Centre Senior Advisors and Professor of Political Science at the University of Toronto, Alan Broadbent, Chairman, The Maytree Foundation, and Frank Cunningham, Cities Centre Senior Advisor and Professor Emeritus of Philosophy and Political Science, University of Toronto.
August 09
Public Transit Planning & ITS Short Course - Provides participants with knowledge of demands of public transit & of tools used in forecasting demand at both the system & route levels.
July 15
The Edible City: Where is Food on the Election Agenda? - The Canadian Urban Institute, in collaboration with the Cities Centre at the University of Toronto, presents an extended Roundtable Breakfast Seminar on how and why food fits in the election agenda.

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Just Released! The State of Business in Mount Dennis: Disinvestment and Gentrification in Toronto’s Inner-Suburbs by Katharine N. Rankin, Kuni Kamizaki, and Heather McLean

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Researcher Emily Paradis quoted in "Nine of 10 families at risk of homelessness in low-income highrises: study" Toronto Star Nov. 22

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